Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rock Zone 105.9

Rock Zone 105.9 is a station that plays a harder-than-normal blend of classic rock, including early heavy metal, southern rock, hair metal and arena rock.

Radio Spin 96,2 FM

Radio Spin 96, 2 FM is a Czech radio station based in Prague, broadcasting in many Czech cities. Most of the content consists of news and talk shows focusing on social and political issues and the station try to represent different points of view. It is dedicated to information and easy listening music.

Radio Beat

Blanik is a national radio station in Prague broadcasting on the frequency 87.8FM. This radio station that plays contemporary electronic and contemporary rock music. The radio station is intended for 20-40 year old people.

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Radio Impuls was the most listened to radio station in the Czech Republic in the second half of last year, according to a study called Radio Projekt prepared by two polling agencies.

ČRo 2 - Praha

CRo2-Praha is an Czech Republic FM radio station broadcasting from Prague. CRo2- Praha is leading national, private radio station, about one million daily listeners and two million weekly.

Radio Expres

Radio Expres began broadcasting two years ago, with a focus on good quality international pop. At the beginning of 2003 Mediaprojekt, a firm that measures stations listenership, published research results that showed zero listenership for Radio Expres. But, based on these results, the station's director wanted to change the program.

Radio 4U

Radio 4U aim is to broadcast programs on developments in Czech Republic, Czech foreign policy, the economy, business and foreign investments. Czech Radio External Service provides objective and impartial information about Czech Republic and it's stance on international affairs. It shows Czech society, its daily life as well as scientific and cultural achievements.

Radio Evropa 2

Adult Contemporary music rushed to you from Prague.
Radio Evropa 2 is one of the very first commercial radio stations in Czech Republic. This radio focuses on reflecting the current situation in European music charts.

Radio 1

It is an alternative radio broadcasting company based in Prague. It can be tuned at 91.9 FM in and around the city. Its musical style is unique for Czech radio stations. Radio 1 tends to focus on serious work, namely on alternative and independent music of all genres (pop, electronic, rock, metal, hip-hop, jazz, reggae, ambient, etc.) rather than pop-style music. RADIO 1 is the oldest private radio station broadcasting in the Czech Republic.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Rádio 107 FM

Free Radio 107 FM - Independent radio station, with alternative and latest music and breaking news in Czech Republic. It broadcasts from Prague(Czech Republic capital) and has a regional license for the audience .

Country Radio

With a heavy focus on 80s music, the station is extremely popular with listeners in the 25-45 age bracket, as so many advertisers will testify. Country Radio boasts a strong presenter line up, and one of the top news services in the country.

Radio City

Radio City is a Czech language radio station that started broadcasting from Prague on the 93.7 FM band. It is a radio station that exclusively broadcasts House, Techno, Dance and R'n'B music. City is an alternative music radio station which had a high youth demographic (preteens- 35) broadcasting in the Czech Republic.

Kiss Hady

The Radio station Kiss HАdy covers a network of radio stations including Kiss 98 fm in Prague, Kiss HАdy in Brno, Kiss Proton in PlzeР, Kiss Morava in Ostrava, Kiss Ji nМ хechy in хeskИ BudЛjovice, Kiss Publikum in ZlМn, Kiss Delta in MladА Boleslav, Radio Beat in Prague, Country Radio in Prague and the gap filler of the Prague frequency broadcasting from KolМn, Liberec, TАbor and Pardubice, as well as the RadioNet media representation.

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Frekvence 1

Frekvence 1 claims the most complete CD and LP library of world oldies standards, including some very valuable rare archive records from original sound carriers.

CRo 1 - Radiozurnal

As well as general pop music broadcasts (with a strong bias towards new music and Czech performers, and against bubblegum pop), Radiozurnal has nightly specialist programs in different musical genres. It also covers news and current affairs from a youth-oriented perspective, although this facet of their programming has been considerably reduced since the station's inception.