Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome to Prague Radios – Radio Expres

Radio Expres began broadcasting two years ago, with a focus on good quality international pop. At the beginning of 2003 Mediaprojekt, a firm that measures stations listenership, published research results that showed zero listenership for Radio Expres. But, based on these results, the station's director wanted to change the program. The station's employees revolted against the management and started to ask listeners for their support. "Proof that you are not zeros and support us," they beseeched on the air. And people responded - by SMS messages, e-mails, and phone calls to the station. The slogan, "I'm a zero, I listen to Radio Expres," arose spontaneously, and later served as the basis for an advertising campaign that was prepared in cooperation with the Leo Burnett agency.

The campaign employed a three-fold approach. First, the radio station itself solicited friends, singers and other celebrities to express their support with the recorded slogan. Next, posters were distributed depicting an "abandoned" or discarded radio and the slogan, "Give your radio another chance". The third push came in the middle of April in the form of a "concert for all good zeroes" on Old Town Square, drawing an audience of nearly 10,000.

Then the campaign shifted into a second phase - posters and billboards with the slogan, "Radio Expres, precisely what you want to listen to." Expres has become one of the most dynamic stations on the market, targeting mainly listeners aged 20 to 32. "The station came to life, and now everyone is aware of its existence. Now the other stations see us not as outsiders, but as competitors," Leo Burnett adds. He has presented the campaign at many foreign professional festivals, to highly favorable response

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