Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome to Prague Radios – Radio City

Radio City is a Czech language radio station that started broadcasting from Prague on the 93.7 FM band. It is a radio station that exclusively broadcasts House, Techno, Dance and R'n'B music. City is an alternative music radio station which had a high youth demographic (preteens- 35) broadcasting in the Czech Republic.

City is the Czech Republic Radio Network playing 100 percent Czech Republic music both nationally and to the world via its 24/7 live stream. The network was designed specifically to showcase the best Czech music across the broadest range of genres, enabling greater access to an international market for local, contemporary artists.

The station broadcasts in Prague on 93.7 FM frequencies and globally through its internet stream. It is available in almost every radio market in the country, and has news reporters based in most of them. In addition to talkback, the network also broadcasts news, interviews, music, and sports.

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