Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome to Prague Radios – CRo 1 - Radiozurnal

As well as general pop music broadcasts (with a strong bias towards new music and Czech performers, and against bubblegum pop), Radiozurnal has nightly specialist programs in different musical genres. It also covers news and current affairs from a youth-oriented perspective, although this facet of their programming has been considerably reduced since the station's inception. In common with other Czech radio stations, Radiozurnal has also gradually increased the amount of talkback content in its programming. There are several reasons for this. Most importantly, talkback provides an inexpensive and popular source of program content, and also provides the appearance of listener interactivity and involvement. And, like many other former 'all music' stations, Radiozurnal has had to respond to the advent of music file-sharing, digital music players and other digital music innovations, which have drastically reduced listeners' dependence on radio as a means of accessing new music and/or their favorite music.

Although the station still promotes itself as being "free and easy" and it remains far more open to new music than any of the commercial stations, there is in fact a high degree of programming structure at Radiozurnal, and while presenters retain a degree of autonomy, most of the music played on air is part of a carefully structured playlist, posted in the studio, to which presenters are obliged to conform.

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