Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Listen live Prague Radio - Radio 1

Officially established in the Spring of 1991, RADIO 1 actually began broadcasting in the autumn of 1990 as a pirate radio station. The station was situated inside the pedestal of the former Stalin Monument as a part of the Totalitarian Zone exhibition. Despite being met with an enthusiastic and appreciative response a broadcasting equipment was confiscated by the government several days after supporting the continuation of broadcasting and against State's monopoly of radio and television on broadcasting, it was signed by 30.000 people. In February 1991 the equipment was returned and RADIO 1 began to broadcast under its current name. It was the first independent privately owned radio station in the republic. Having 30 special shows (foreign and Czech and Slovak Radio 1 chart, shows about films, books, new music, forgotten music etc.) which inform about the alternative side of culture (not show business), Radio 1 is a unique radio station not only in Czech Republic, but in the whole Central Europe.

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